Personalized Consultation for Canada Skilled Immigration Made Easy
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Canada is looking for skilled immigrants - New job opportunities are waiting for you!
Ways to move to Canada:
Get a job offer from a Canadian employer who will sponsor your work visa
Apply for permanent residency in Canada, which will make you a resident and grant you with rights to legally live and work in Canada
Benefits of Canada immigration express services:
Evaluation of your profile for permanent residency eligibility
Complete review of your qualifications with profile score
Additional services to help secure a job in Canada
Customer Service available in multiple languages
Canada is welcoming skilled workers to strengthen its economy, family class immigrants, and refugees
How to get a job offer:
Prepare a professional resume and cover letter
Search for available job openings relevant to your experience
Double check that the employer offers visa sponsorship
Apply for a job
How to apply for permanent residency:
Find out if you are eligible
Preparing documentation
Passing the IELTS test successfully
Preparing your application
Submitting application to Express Entry
Wait to be invited to receive your PR Visa
Make your immigration process easy by applying with Canada Immigration Express.